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Paws Down Lil' Monsters

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Sep 20 '14




Slant Magazine Destroys Lady Gaga’s Latest Album

Click on this link here to read the scathing review Lady Gaga’s latest desperate album received from Slant magazine, which gave it two stars.

If you’re on the run and don’t have time to read it all, here are some of the highlights:

It’s the oldest trick in the book: Past-prime pop singer attempts to boost his or her relevance in the face of dwindling sales and hastily changing trends by commissioning the help of a hotter, more bankable artist. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s Cheek to Cheekis the latest product of such a collaboration—except I’m not referring to the octogenarian Bennett, who, after 60-plus years in the business, is selling more albums than ever before, but to Gaga, whose free-fall from the upper echelons of pop has been as precipitous as her rise was meteoric.

They also call Stefani out on her bullshit:

Despite her claims that she grew up listening to the jazz greats, Gaga comes off more as a dilettante than an aficionado on Cheek to Cheek, a collection of duets with the seasoned Bennett. (Between Madonna, Bowie, Motley Crue, and now Ella and Billie, it’s hard to keep track of just how many posters adorned her bedroom walls as a child.)

As far as the music itself (and her performance), here’s what they had to say about her delivery:

On songs like the Cole Porter standard “Anything Goes” and the title track, Gaga sounds like what she thinks a jazz singer should sound like; her performances are blatantly affected, marred by shouting and clichéd phrasing. She displays a total dearth of the vocal precision and enunciation that made her so-called idols the masters they were; her timbre on eden ahbez’s “Nature Boy,” for instance, is wildly inconsistent, shifting from soft and almost pleasant to parodic and comical, often within just a few short bars.


What’s next for Gaga?

After the disastrous performance of ARTPOP, the singer said she was done with pop music. Fuck pop music,” she said. Verbatim. Then she tried a jazz album, which is failing even more miserably than her previous album. So what does the future hold for the wannabe?

I know! I can assure you she will come back with the same commercial, generic, contemporary pop music she always makes. And for the third time, she will most lily say her new album feels like her "real first album" (she said the same about Born This Way and ARTPOP).

She’ll do it again and again while the public’s interest in her and her music dies slowly and painfully.

And speaking of dying slowly, Lady Gaga played in Athens this week. She performed at the O.A.K.A stadium. That’s the same stadium Madonna performed for over 75,000 people in one concert with her Sticky and Sweet Tour. 

Want to guess how many people attended Gaga’s concert at the same venue? About 20,000 people according to the Greek press - less than half of Madonna’s crowd.  


Gaga is dying slowly and painfully. Finally, she is delivering something truly entertaining to watch.

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Sep 16 '14




The nominations for the European Music Awards were revealed today, and guess who did not receive any this year?

Yup, the one that has become so boring and dull that we hardly ever have anything to say about her anymore.

On the other hand, Katy Perry leads the list with SEVEN nominations (including Best Song and Best Female).

Right behind Katy, Ariana Grande appears with six nominations. Then we have Pharrell Williams and 5 Seconds of Summer with five noms each. One Direction, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Eminem, Sam Smith and Kiesza all got four nominations.

It’s undeniable: Gaga’s latest “era” is a bonafide FLOP. After all the money spent in promo tours (that included Europe), expensive videos, and commercial radio timeslots bought to play her songs, no one cared. The fact that every single major award show ignored her sorry ass and her latest album is proof of her diminished popularity.

The good news? Her latest work (a stupid jazz album) is also performing poorly. Very soon, Lady Gaga will only be a distant memory of a bad dream.


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Sep 7 '14

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Aug 31 '14




Allphones arena Sydney has been giving out hundreds of free Lady Gaga tickets to tonight’s show ALL DAY.

Ticket sales were SO LOW the venue was forced to hit the streets, offering people free tickets - if they can’t profit from ticket sales, they will profit from amenities such as food, drinks, parking, etc. Little Morons have been melting down on twitter about it, all night.

Let’s cut to the venue: this picture is as of RIGHT NOW (8:00 pm) and the venue is not even close to being full. You’ll also notice in this pic CURTAINS COVERING UNSOLD SEATS - THE ENTIRE TOP HALF OF THE VENUE.

THANG GOD FOR CURTAINS!" Lady Gaga is thinking.

Below, you see a picture of the Allphones Arena with THOUSANDS of unsold seats hiding behind curtains for Gaga’s tonight show, and a few other pictures showing what the Allphones arena looks like when the artist playing there sells out their tickets:





But wait! There’s more:






But I guess when you’re born to be a wannabe, you’ll always be a wannabe. 

You see, Gaga’s been around for six years and she can’t even sell out an arena in Sydney (her shows in Perth had two-for-one deals and she only managed to fill half of the venue there). That’s very different from a real queen. And speaking of her:

When Madonna went to Australia, she had already been around longer than Gaga (her career was turning 10 back then), and this is how her STADIUM concerts looked:


But considering how much Lady Gaga loves to LIE about her shows using the pictures of other people’s concerts, I wouldn’t be surprised if she tweeted something like:

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Aug 29 '14



We have said before how much we love the Australian media. 

Well, they’re at it again. Today, I came across this SCATHING review of ARTPOP by Australian magazine MX. Aussie Journo’s do us proud. We couldn’t agree more. 

We love the whole thing but some of our favourite quotes are:

"IF you see someone on a train wearing a Lady Gaga shirt you should probably give up your seat to them because they are clearly musically challenged

"In MANiCURE she demands "Put your hands all over my body parts, throw me on the bed. Squeeze, tease and please me” - a suggestion so repulsive that after listening to it I felt hallucinogenic levels of sickness”

"But hey, at least it’ll give her deluded and obsessive cult-like fans another 59 minutes of background music to listen to while they spend their days slapping themselves and crying like Annette Bening in American Beauty"

Read it yourselves here.

Make sure you also check the news about how Gaga could only fill 50% of the venue in Perth (Australia), despite having a two-for-one deal (read about it here).

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Aug 26 '14



Lady Gaga brings you a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion, and technology with a new interactive worldwide community - “the auras”. Altering the human experience, we bring ARTculture into POP in a reverse Warholian expedition. Exploring Gaga’s existence as a cultural interface, the user will share in the “adrenaline of fame” as they build and share their own projects, chat with one another, and watch in real-time on a virtual globe as ARTPOP explodes onto the physical and virtual universe at once.

We know this paragraph is nonsense, and so does Gaga. The countdown for her “revolutionary” APP reached 0 today and what happened?


That’s right folks, the woman that made those INCREDIBLE promises in the paragraph above has no future plans to further her app. What’s worse about it is that Gaga actually allowed the countdown to continue and excite her easily manipulated fan base until today, when the app was cancelled.

And how did Gaga reply to fans being upset that her app countdown revealed a big fat NOTHING?

Typical Gaga style: she blamed her old manager Troy Carter.


She also got extremely defensive when a fan mentioned that she doesn’t have time to dedicate herself to so many different projects:


The funny thing is: this poor, delusional fan wasn’t even calling Gaga “lazy,” he was actually making up excuses for the popstar who never delivers what she promises her fans. This idiot was actually calling her detractors “lazy,” LOL! I know, right? “Monster logic.” Gaga is the one who doesn’t deliver what she promises, but other people are lazy, not her. Makes sense in the land of little morons.

Note to Gaga: Yes, if your pathetic fans don’t call you lazy, we do. You ARE lazy. You ARE a spoiled, talentless little cunt who wants everything handed to you. You never had to work hard for anything, no wonder you are now admitting that your failed APP had nothing to do with you but with your former management… So much for the lazy popstar who lies about being responsible for every single aspect of her career! 

You have got to laugh at how pathetic the brand “Lady Gaga” has become.

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Aug 22 '14




The Australian press has spoken - and they’re not covering up Lady Gaga’s failure down under.

Despite the TWO-FOR-ONE deal for her concerts there, Lady Gaga managed to fill only half of the capacity in Perth.

Take a look at what Yahoo News Australia had to say about her “half-baked” show:

Pop stars should know better than to try to flog a dead horse. But when you have experienced such meteoric fame as Lady Gaga, it might be hard to listen to common sense.

She can’t listen to common sense. The only thing she can hear is her own bowel movements (you know damn well where her head is)!

Gaga is on a world tour in support of her fourth album Artpop, which has experienced the worst sales of her career.

When the Australian leg of artRave - The Artpop Ball - kicked off in Perth this week, Gaga was quick to point out to the audience that if they weren’t there to enjoy hearing Artpop live, they should “f… off.”

"For those who didn’t come for Artpop or didn’t like the album, grab a drink or a glow stick or get the f… out," Gaga threatened the crowd five songs in, all from said album.

The New York native preached to the audience as if Artpop was some form of biblical revelation - the fusing of art and pop that brings together “the straights and the gays” and the disenfranchised.

But in reality, Artpop is a by-the-numbers pop album that suffers in concert from over- production and Gaga’s refusal to use back-up singers instead of a backing tape straight out of a Britney Spears concert.

An impassioned performance of Dope followed, with just Gaga on the piano in fine voice - yet it seemed so forced, with the singer telling the crowd the song was about everything from addiction to those living with AIDS, before pointing out the surviving members of Queen were in the audience ahead of their Perth Arena show tonight.

Isn’t it ironic? The woman whose fanbase is known for saying stuff like “I hope you get Aids” whenever someone says she sucks is now trying to do some damage control.

"I would like to point out that the rock’n’roll band Queen have come to my show," she said. "I can feel it, f…ing Freddie (Mercury) is here too."

The poor thing!

The review then continues:

The majority of the crowd seemingly didn’t know how to respond to the shambolic production that exploded onstage, except when they were given brief reprieves with the sprinkling of hits that actually made them listen to Gaga in the first place.

The 28-year-old told the audience, who appeared to fill half of the 15,000-capacity venue, that her promoters had asked her to bring a smaller-sized production Down Under because of flagging sales and interest but said: “I think my Australian fans deserve the whole show.”

But really, given the half-baked concert that was delivered on Wednesday night, she shouldn’t have bothered.

Australian journalists: you make me proud!

Make sure you click on their article here so they get more traffic / internet hits. The media needs to know that when they expose Gaga’s failures, we will visit their pages.


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Aug 18 '14



Imagine Gaga’s legacy, from the perspective of 10 years from now…

Some singers/artists who were misunderstood at the time that they released their work, got recognition years later, but only if their work was genuine and ahead of it’s time.

Can you guys imagine 10 years from now, when Rihanna, Katy, Miley and Gaga get replaced by younger girls, when Twitter stops being relevant and people move on to other social networks, when the names shouted in music award shows are completely different from what we hear now, or pop and hip hop get replaced with other genres at the top of the charts, because we understand that this is how the industry is.

Can you guys imagine Little Monsters, who will be in their early or late 20s, who will have jobs, bills to pay and problems of their own… can you imagine how they will look back at this time in their lives?

I believe regular folks will look back and think of Gaga as nothing more than what we think of her right now.

And I believe that little monsters will not remember this experience with any pleasure, because they weren’t enjoying anything. They spend 90% of their time defending the indefensible, lying and helping their idol cheat results, pretending her horrible performances are great, and spend 10% of their time on their own lives and enjoying some of her songs.

Gaga doesn’t understand this. She doesn’t understand the power of hard work, honesty and pleasure in a legacy. She is doomed to be forgotten.


Speaking of perspective (and relevance), 30 years later…

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Aug 16 '14




A new Madonna song leaked today, it’s a collaboration with rapper Eve:

The Beat Is So Crazy" came to fruition while Madonna and Pharrel Williams worked together on "Hard Candy." If you have heard the demo for Madonna’s "Beat Goes On,” you will see the similarities.

We are not sure which came first: Beat Goes On or The Beat Is So Crazy, but we do know that this was passed on to Eve, who re-worked it with Madonna and Pharrel. At that time, it was supposed to be released in Eve’s album, but it never made it.

Today, on Madonna’s birthday, seven years after being recorded, the song surfaced on the web. I love it.

And while we’re on the subject of birthdays, here are a few pictures of her birthday bash in the south of France today. This year, the theme of the party was the 1920s:


Madonna performing La Vie En Rose for her guests with her daughter Lourdes playing the ukulele.


Cutting the cake, surrounded by her happy friends. Note that the top of the cake is gone - did Lady Gaga attack it before Madonna?


Looking gorgeous.


She’s a happy girl!


Kate Moss and Madonna.

If you haven’t done that yet, go to Twitter or Instagram and wish this woman a #HappyBirthday! 

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Aug 16 '14



One would think Lady Gaga would have learnt her lesson by now, but boy, she’s dumber than we thought. Lady Gaga has just been caught lying about her “sold out” shows again.

Remember when she lied about her “sold out” show in Quebec? A month ago, the singer claimed 90,000 people showed up for her #artraveQuebec, when, in fact, it was a music festival with dozens of other artists playing on that very same day (on the stage Gaga performed, for instance, there were other three headlining acts besides herself!). 

To make things worse, Gaga followed that statement with a picture of a massive crowd, claiming to be of her show. It turns out, the picture she said it was of her concert was taken during a Metallica show from three years before (click here to read our post about it).

Oh, well, she did it again! And she was caught again!

Gaga just lied about her “sold out” Tokyo show. And just like before, she used a picture of someone else’s show saying it was hers! Here’s what she posted on her official Facebook page:


Note the date: August 15, 2014. The caption says "artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball - Tokyo."

Funny, because that very same picture has been around since 2013, under a different artist, a band named BUMP OF CHICKEN.

I captured the image from a website that uploaded that very same picture in 08/10/2013,  August 10, 2013 - a little more than a year BEFORE Gaga’s Tokyo show. Here’s the pic:


You can click on the picture, it will take you to the website I got it from. You can check it on your own.

And before her delusional, pathetic, moronic fans say these pictures are different (they dared to say it when she used the Metallica image), here’s a comparison of both images:


Any doubts? Didn’t think so.

So, yes, once again, LADY GAGA LIES about her shows. She is a fraud. A pathological liar. Add stupid to the list of adjectives we can use to describe her.

But we understand, she’s blinded by desperation. She’s officially selling TWO TICKETS FOR ONE  in Australia (click here), so she’s doing anything she can to forge an artificial sense of superstardom that has long gone. Her relevance has been packed and she’s desperately running after it.



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Aug 16 '14




ONTD" reported that some Japanese people felt offended by Lady Gaga’s racially insensitive couture. Here’s what they said:

Lady Gaga is in Tokyo. According to her, it’s her “favorite place.” Too bad she’s just pissed off some folks online in Japan.

On her Instagram account, Lady Gaga uploaded two photos of herself wearing a colorful outfit with Korean characters written on it. The Korean characters 컬러 appear mean just that: color. Innocuous stuff, right? Well…

There’s already a thread on 2ch, Japan’s largest online forum, titled “Lady Gaga, Who’s Visiting Japan, Is Wandering Around Roppongi in Clothes with Korean Characters. This Proves That From the White Person’s Point of View, Japan and Korea are the Same.” Yikes!


The singer, who’s always googling her own name to see what people are talking about her, reacted with a pathetic response:

She said the designer sent the outfit to her—— and w
hat does that even mean? Did she only have ONE outfit to wear in Japan? Or did she forget to tell us that “the designer” had put a gun on her head and forced her to wear this outfit? 

This girl just doesn’t get it. Yes, Gaga, we are all aware that you don’t make your own clothes (despite your claims of being super creative). But that doesn’t change the fact that what you wore was culturally insensitive and ignorant. Own up to it. Stop blaming the designer. You were not forced to wear it, and you had plenty of other options.

But I guess we will never see Gaga owning up to her mistakes, her stupidity, her lack of originality, her insensitivity. It’s always someone else’s fault!

If that’s not bad enough, remember when Lady Gaga wore Galliano in Berlin? The same John Galliano that was fired from Dior after declaring his love for Hitler? We do. There, she also wore a mustache. 

Yes, Gaga wore a crazed Nazi-lover’s dress in Germany and said she felt “blessed.” Clearly, you can’t get anymore culturally ignorant and offensive than Lady Gaga.

Never forget: this is the woman who dressed up as a slave owner while her white friends wore blackface and were chained to her in 2009. Also, in Germany:

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Aug 15 '14
[Click image to enlarge]
Well, to be precise, buy ONE ticket, get TWO people in. “Same difference,” as they say.
Lady Gaga’s concerts in Australia have now, officially, become a TWO FOR ONE deal on Ticketek - Australia’s OFFICIAL, PRIMARY TICKET SELLER for her concerts down under.
You can check their own website and see it for yourselves. Click on the link, select “best available,” then click on QANTAS and voila, Gaga’s TWO FOR ONE VALUE ticket pops up.

FYI: Madonna NEVER needed to give out free tickets or free admissions to fill an arena/stadium.
As for Lady Gaga, this isn’t the first time she does it. The last time she was in Brazil (with her previous tour), she needed to sell tickets on a “buy one, get two" basis. despite those efforts, her attendance was almost half the attendance Madonna had there.
At that time (2011), Gaga’s shows were successful in Australia. But not this time! Now, Gaga needs to use of the same desperate tricks to avoid playing to embarrassing empty venues in Australia.Meanwhile, Katy Perry (the one that has more than twice the number of hits Gaga has) had to keep adding dates to her Australian tour because they were selling out during pre-order.Gaga, definitely, is the Queen of Flop.Can’t wait for her show in France and other places in Europe, where she downgraded concerts in stadiums (in 2011) to 3,000-seat theaters.

[Click image to enlarge]



Well, to be precise, buy ONE ticket, get TWO people in. “Same difference,” as they say.

Lady Gaga’s concerts in Australia have now, officially, become a TWO FOR ONE deal on Ticketek - Australia’s OFFICIAL, PRIMARY TICKET SELLER for her concerts down under.

You can check their own website and see it for yourselves. Click on the link, select “best available,” then click on QANTAS and voila, Gaga’s TWO FOR ONE VALUE ticket pops up.



FYI: Madonna NEVER needed to give out free tickets or free admissions to fill an arena/stadium.

As for Lady Gaga, this isn’t the first time she does it. The last time she was in Brazil (with her previous tour), she needed to sell tickets on a “buy one, get two" basis. despite those efforts, her attendance was almost half the attendance Madonna had there.

At that time (2011), Gaga’s shows were successful in Australia. But not this time! Now, Gaga needs to use of the same desperate tricks to avoid playing to embarrassing empty venues in Australia.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry (the one that has more than twice the number of hits Gaga has) had to keep adding dates to her Australian tour because they were selling out during pre-order.

Gaga, definitely, is the Queen of Flop.

Can’t wait for her show in France and other places in Europe, where she downgraded concerts in stadiums (in 2011) to 3,000-seat theaters.

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Aug 7 '14



It must suck to be Lady Gaga. The woman who will always be remembered as a Madonna-wannabe keeps digging herself a deeper and deeper hole.

This week, Gaga proved, once again, that she can’t get her head out of her ass, not even when wishing the late Andy Warhol a “happy birthday.”


"Happy birthday Andy Warhol. Pop culture was in Art, now ART’s in POP Culture in Me!" said the imbecile singer. It must hurt her the fact that Madonna was friends with Warhol, one of the leading figures in the visual art movement named Pop Art.

Madonna, before fame, before money, before hitting the big time, was already part of the art scene in NYC in which Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat were involved. Madonna’s relationship with these figures was personalorganic and mutual. Very different from her wannabe, Lady Gaga.

Gaga was never part of any art scene anywhere in the world. She is just a rich spoiled little bitch who pays for marketing.

You see, you can’t find any “big time” contemporary artist associated with Gaga before she was famous. It took her fame and money to be able to lure contemporary artists into entering her game - professionally

For instance, Gaga paid Abramovic and Koons to have their names associated with hers. Their relationship is artificial. It’s the result of a business transaction. She isn’t admired by the art scene. 

That is the complete opposite of Madonna - who had already been friends with Warhol, Haring, Basquiat, and so many other artists before she became the “Madonna” we know.

Warhol would laugh at Lady Gaga’s expense. He would have never befriended Stefani Germanotta if he was alive. No other famous contemporary artist befriended Gaga before she was famous. The Madonna-wannabe will never be Madonna, and she will never be treated like the real deal.


Not only was Madonna good friends with Warhol himself, but she was his muse. And this must kill Lady Gaga, the self-proclaimed "biggest pop artist since Andy Warhol.” 

Below, you can see a few of the works created by Andy Warhol in collaboration with Keith Haring inspired by and dedicated to Madonna





This series of paintings were given to Madonna as a present by the artists themselves:


Madonna was also Andy Warhol’s muse for several photographs. Including the one titled “Madonna Incognito,” published on his book “America.”


ANDY WARHOL - America - New York, Harper & Row, 1985
Black and white photographs by Andy Warhol with extensive texts by the artist. 

Thanks Pud Whacker for such a vast collection of images.

And if you want to piss some Lady Gaga fans off, make sure you Tweet @ladygaga the following Madonna/ Andy Warhol / Keith Haring gif:


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Aug 2 '14



This is the cover of Roxette’s second studio album, “Look Sharp!” As you can see, Lady Gaga and the Sinatra-wannabe, Tony Bennett, COPIED it for the cover of their new single (the one that isn’t gonna make it to the charts).

Roxette’s “Look Sharp!” spun four top 20 hits:

"The Look” (US no. 1), “Listen to your Heart” (US no. 1), “Dangerous” (US no. 2), and “Dressed For Success” (no. 14).

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga’s new single with Tony Bennett (the first off of their new album) couldn’t even surpass the Top 70 on iTunes. It will most likely debut out of the Hot 100 on Billboard (or take a very low position).

The curious thing, is that Madonna had released an album with jazz songs when she was at the same stage Gaga is now. The difference?

Songs like HANKY PANKY became top 10 hit in the US (and around the world). Gaga’s jazz songs always flop. That is a direct reflection of Gaga’s much less sophisticated and educated fanbase.

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Jul 31 '14



The California Girl is on a roll and no one can stop her

People wrote her off and said she wouldn’t have a hit song after “Teenage Dream.” But the “California Gurls” singer knows damn well what she’s doing. She came back ROARing, riding her DARK HORSE straight to the top of the charts. And now, I wouldn’t be surprised if she reaches it again.

Katy Perry’s video for THIS IS HOW WE DO has everything you expect from a popstar: it’s colorful, it’s fun, it’s sexy, and it’s cool. And the song itself is the perfect tune for a pool party in this hot summer! Check it out:

I personally like this video better than “Dark Horse” which, by the way, is the most watched video of the year so far (and poor Lady Gaga is nowhere to be seen):


Lady Gaga can scream as loud as she wants that she’s the biggest popstar in the world, her moronic, retarded fans can say she’s the queen as much as they want, but the bottom-line is: Katy Perry is slaying Lady Gaga in every possible way (and she doesn’t even need to beg her fans to buy her music or watch her videos on VEVO).

Speaking of Gaga, her ears must be burning. Katy Perry is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, and she had something very interesting to say about Lady Gaga and her desperate ways to bond with her fans:

I’m not, like, a crazy ‘I’m gonna die for my fans’ type. Some people are so dramatic about it, and you’re like, ‘Honestly, you’re not the Second Coming. You’re just an entertainer!’… I’m very grateful for fans’ support, but I’m not thirsty or desperate. 

And she’s right. Miss Perry is definitely NOT desperate. She doesn’t create drama with her fans, she doesn’t incite her fans into bullying other singers or their fan bases. She doesn’t pretend to love them more than her own life. Yet, as Rolling Stone magazine put it: "She is the most consistent hitmaker of the last half-decade or so.” So she’s doing it right! Her relationship with her fans is natural and genuine, and her success is a reflection of that.

Very different from Lady Gaga, the one who acts like she’s a goddess to her fans. The one who pretends to be their messiah, and their martyr. And that’s the irony of it all, the one who has artificially forged and over-the-top relationship with her fans is the one who’s spent half of her career away from the no. 1 position (Gaga’s been around for six years, but her last no. 1 hit was three years ago).  


Not surprisingly, the gorgeous Katy Perry talks about the Queen of Pop

You have to really prove that you’re an authentic person, and you can be trusted, to be in a circle of friends with her [Madonna]. Which I totally understand. You have to really guard your heart when you’re on this kind of level. You can’t just have weirdos around you, strange people that want to suck your blood. Because everybody wants to be on your d*ck, you know? So you have to be very very ‘What are your motives? Why are you here? What do you want from me?’

She totally nailed it. And that could be the explanation as to why Madonna and Gaga aren’t close. Madonna helped promote Gaga in the beginning of her career, she went to her show and made an appearance with her on SNL. But something went sour between them. And who’s the drama queen that, to this day, keeps talking about Madonna (and her fans) on Twitter every time something goes wrong? Miss Stefani Germanotta, of course!

Watch Katy Perry’s new video and let me know what you think of it!


Lady Gaga fans are REALLY PRESSED by Katy Perry’s success.

The THIS IS HOW WE DO video hasn’t been out not even 24 hours, and Gaga fans are already accusing Perry (ignorantly) of copying Lady Gaga (and Beyonce, and other people).

Let’s take a look at their nonsense and make the necessary corrections (you know how we love to educate these little morons):


Little monsters are saying Katy Perry copied Gaga’s hair. Every time I see this, I hear a voice saying “Hello, basic bitches!" in the background. When I look back, it’s Madonna, coming straight from the mid-90s with a similar hairdo. Similar (not the same), since Katy Perry’s hairdo was inspired by the 60s.


I don’t even mean it as a diss on Beyonce. But it’s a fact, her COUNTDOWN video was entirely inspired by other people’s works - mainly Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and the 60s. We have no problem with that.

Katy Perry, however, wasn’t copying Beyonce, she did a colorful video that, in part, was inspired by the 60s. Perry’s haircut isn’t even close to Beyonce’s in that video: Katy’s hair is asymmetrical. Beyonce’s not. There’s no comparison here.


Need we say anything about this? Little monsters accusing Katy Perry of copying Gaga for sitting on a chair shaped like a hand? Seriously? 

Ha! Little monsters are getting so desperate with Lady Gaga’s demise in comparison with other people’s success, it’s become funny to watch them squeal.

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