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Paws Down Lil' Monsters

The worst and the best of pop in one place.
Jul 18 '14



Lady Gaga’s amateurishawkward and imprecise ”chair” choreography is even funnier when you have the right soundtrack playing.

The contrast between Madonna’s spot-on “A Clockwork Orange” and Bob Fosse’s “Cabaret” inspired routine for “Keep It Together” and Lady Gaga’s clumsiness will make you laugh.

Blond Ambition” this is NOT!”


And that’s the difference between an amateur and a professional dancer, a talented stage performer who always does it right and gets it right.

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Jul 18 '14




Lady Gaga can call herself a "gay icon" and a gay supporter as much and as loud as she can, but gay men, clearly, can make up their own minds regarding who they’re favorite and more reliable celebrity is.

According to Variety, Gay males have crowned talkshow personality Ellen DeGeneres their most admired celebrity, and have singled out her recent pitch work with Maybelline as the advertising campaign they liked most in the past year

Variety surveyed approximately 3,000 respondents. The survey entailed asking gay males to name the three celebrities they most and least admired. the results? Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum were identified as this group’s least admired celebrities.


I am glad gay men are finally waking up and seeing Lady Gaga for what she really is. She is not nice. She does not represent the gay community. And she, most definitely, does not get involved with the community for charity. She simply is not admirable at all. 

This calls for a double celebration: not only gay males don’t admire Lady Gaga as much as she believes they do, but this happened a few months after she released her latest album. This survey was taken while Gaga was amidst heavy promotion for ARTFLOP, touring North America! Still, the market she so artificially gets involved with does not think she is admirable. That’s just AWESOME NEWS!

Poor Gaga! Her gays have left the building haus. First, she gets the news that she got no nominations for the MTV VMAs, then she finds out she’s one of the least favorite celebrities among gay men? Time for another meltdown.


Read more about this survey on Variety.

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Jul 18 '14




It’s recently come to my attention, that if I had a dollar for every number one hit Lady Gaga has ever had, I’d ONLY have US $3.

Isn’t that sad? 

That makes you wonder: what are her fans bragging about? Three number one hits in six years? Oh, God! That’s an embarrassment!

From 2008 to 2014 (six years), only these three songs by Lady Gaga reached the number one position of the Billboard Hot 100 chart:

1) Just Dance

2) Porker Face 

3) Flop This Way

It’s an embarrassment to go around calling Lady Gaga a “queen" when she couldn’t even beat Paula Abdul (she’s had six number one hits).

Speaking of "a" queen, let’s talk about "the" Queen:

From 1983 to 1989 (six years), Madonna had SEVEN NUMBER ONE HITS on Billboard Hot 100. SEVEN. That’s more than twice the number of #1s Lady Gaga’s had.


Besides having more than twice the number of #1 hits Lady Gaga’s had in her first six years, Madonna’s songs also impress because of their quality and staying power

Here are the seven number one hits Madonna’s managed to achieve from 1983 to 1989. Notice that most of them are now classic pop tunes, songs that are part of our cultural identity, whereas none of those Gaga songs had the power to remain culturally relevant. Even though they are much more recent, they’re already almost completely forgotten.

1) Like a Virgin

2) Crazy For You

3) Live to Tell

4) Papa Don’t Preach

5) Open Your Heart

6) Who’s That Girl

7) Like a Prayer

Needless to say, it was much more difficult to get a number one hit back then. For starters, there was no such thing as an individual track digital download. Today, people can buy a single track for $1.29 (sometimes $0.99), and it will count towards the charts. People don’t even need to get out of their houses to buy a song. They can be on their toilet and simply push a button to buy a song on their smartphones! 

Back in the 80s, people actually needed to get out of their houses, drive down to a record store, buy a compact disc, drive back home, to finally listen to it. And what about radio airplay requests? People actually had to dial the number of a radio station, wait for somebody to pick up the phone, and then place a request. Today, you fill up a field on a radio station’s website and it automatically sends your request. Easy and effortless. But still, Lady Gaga’s only had three number one hits on Billboard’s Hot 100. 

I wouldn’t be bragging about Lady Gaga’s achievements if she was my fave… Oh, well… her fans are as mediocre and average as Stefani Germanotta herself. It’s understandable when you put it this way.

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Jul 17 '14
[Click on image to enlarge]
The singer that was “gonna slay” with her latest album, ARTFLOP, received ZERO nominations for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, A.K.A. the VMAs.
In light of this information, let us remind you all that MADONNA, the one and only QUEEN OF POP and QUEEN OF MUSIC VIDEOS is the most nominated - AND MOST AWARDED - artist by MTV of all times.Madonna’s MTV domination started in the early 80s and it seemed like it wouldn’t stop. Madonna and MTV created a series of unparalleled iconic moments at their award shows together. No one has created as many iconic and historic moments in television as Madonna.From her videos to her live performances, to her acid humor, Madonna is part of our cultural DNA from the moment the MTV generation started making babies. 

Unparalleled, indeed.Gaga fans, however, aren’t very happy with their idol’s ZERO nominations this year:

[Click on image to enlarge]



The singer that was “gonna slay” with her latest album, ARTFLOP, received ZERO nominations for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, A.K.A. the VMAs.

In light of this information, let us remind you all that MADONNA, the one and only QUEEN OF POP and QUEEN OF MUSIC VIDEOS is the most nominated - AND MOST AWARDED - artist by MTV of all times.

Madonna’s MTV domination started in the early 80s and it seemed like it wouldn’t stop. Madonna and MTV created a series of unparalleled iconic moments at their award shows together. No one has created as many iconic and historic moments in television as Madonna.

From her videos to her live performances, to her acid humor, Madonna is part of our cultural DNA from the moment the MTV generation started making babies. 

Unparalleled, indeed.

Gaga fans, however, aren’t very happy with their idol’s ZERO nominations this year:

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Jul 17 '14




Australian primary and official big concerts ticket seller Ticketek added Madonna to their waitlist this week. Rumors of a Madonna Australian tour have been getting stronger and stronger these days.

Unlike Madonna’s previous few tours, this time, she could be opening her next world tour in Australia or somewhere in Asia, then make her way back to the western world, stopping by Europe halfway through it. Russia and South America might be off her itinerary this time.

Madonna hasn’t been back to Australia since 1993. And the last time she toured in Japan was in 2006. Time to go make those fans happy again!



Rock God and the most awesome of all guitarists in the planet, Monte Pittman said that “Madonna’s new album is really awesome” when someone asked about it:


He also said this on twitter:




Rumor has it that the song Madonna has been teasing us, Messiah, is the theme song for the movie The Giver, based on the novel written by Lois Lowry, starring Brenton Thwaites, Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Swift and more…


Here’s a trailer for the movie, which is being released by the Weinstein Company (the same ones that released Madonna’s W.E.):

And this is what we know of Messiah through Madonna’s Instagram account:

What do you think?

Can we say Oscar and Golden Globe for original song for Madonna now or is it too soon?

You know that girl is great with ballads…

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Jul 17 '14



A couple of days ago we published the following picture of Lady Gaga’s empty concert in Toronto: 


We used this picture as a supporting evidence to the argument that, when Gaga isn’t playing at music festivals in Canada, no one cares about her in the land of the maple syrup. 

As expected, many of her moronic fans said we were "lying," that Gaga’s concert was "sold out" there, bla bla bla…

Well, I just saw these videos and I decided to share them with you. I find it very hard for Gaga fans to say her show was "sold out" there in Toronto with a straight face.


Is it just me, or even Lady Gaga’s band sound amateurish?

I mean, I don’t even think I need to point out how amateurish Gaga (herself) is: she sounds, acts, and dances like a mediocre student performing at a mediocre high school musical

But even her band sounds bad. Maybe it’s the arrangement. But then you think: it’s a fucking Gaga song! No matter the arrangement given to it, it will always sound amateurish. If not, it will sound reductive, with a familiar melody, but made simple, easier to digest. Watered down.

The most embarrassing thing about it all? It’s not her fans denying it was empty. It’s not Lady Gaga’s amateurish performance skills. It’s not her unoriginal music. It’s the fact that not even the few fans that showed up to her concert are dancing / having fun at her show. 



[That’s Madonna in the middle of a sea of people in her latest concert tour].

Gaga couldn’t sell out her ONLY show in Toronto (as these videos prove it to you). Madonna had two sold out shows there the last time she was in town.

In fact, the last time Madonna was on tour, she had seven shows in Canada -  they were all her own shows (not performances at music festivals). They were also all sold out.

On the other hand, Gaga has six shows scheduled in Canada this year - the only successful ones were the ones she performed as an act in the middle of a music festival - with other artists performing in the same day and with tickets cheaper than her own shows. 

R-E-D-U-C-T-I-V-E, yes, indeed.

Why does she even try?

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Jul 16 '14



Remember the Menudos? The famous Latin boy band that revealed stars like Ricky Martin?


Well, a video featuring a former Menudo, Angelo Garcia, singing Madonna's Live to Tell is making the rounds on the internet. Check it out. it’s fucking awesome and disturbing at the same time.

The muscles, the dog, the expression… I love it all. Sort of.

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Jul 16 '14



Hello! This is lilmonsteravila. As you can tell, he’s a little monster (physically and metaphorically). Yesterday, he learned a valuable lesson. He learned about the power of Paws Down Little Monster.

He started a public campaign against us on his Instagram account. He tagged us, and he invited other little monsters to spam and report our page.


He thought he would piss us off. He thought he would get us out of Instagram. Little did he know that Paws Down Little Monsters is not one or two people. It’s a movement (we are everywhere).

Lilmonsteravila and friends thought they would change us with their spamming and non-sense - mostly of what this guy did was quote Lady Gaga songs - LOL (yeah, I know)! Did they change us? Did they succeed?

Let’s see… our Instagram is still strong, our pictures are still open for everyone to see. Our opinion about Lady Gaga, her amateurish act and dishonest ways is still the same. So is our opinion of her butt-ugly, intellectually weak fans. But what about lilmonsteravila?


Oh, well, he couldn’t handle criticism. He turned his Instagram account “private"as soon as he started feeling the heat of our kitchen (or of our street, if you prefer). 

I guess it comes with the territory: if you’re a Lady Gaga fan, you have got to be weak, a whining little bitch, and play the victim every chance you get. Just now (and just like Lady Gaga herself), lilmonsteravila whined about us bringing criticism toward him. He is so stupid, he doesn’t see that that happened after he tagged us on his account, calling our attention to it. We didn’t even know that such a butt-ugly person like himself existed (besides Lady Gaga, of course)! 

Lesson learned: don’t want to be annoyed by the legion of people who dislike Lady Gaga? Don’t go around spamming our pages, or tagging us on your pictures. I know! It’s such a basic notion, but Lady Gaga’s “retarded” and “moronic” fans just don’t get it: if you don’t want the attention, to bring it to yourselves. But if you do decide to mess with us, don’t complain about the heat.

Meanwhile, let’s celebrate the fact that we are a success. We have, once again, succeeded in distracting little monsters from Lady Gaga!




Instead of watching Gaga’s shitty videos on YouTube, or working to buy her shitty singles on iTunes, these little monsters spent their day (some of them are still doing it) on our Instagram account, involved in arguments and being distracted from things that could help save Lady Gaga’s declining career.

So thank you little monsters, for being the living proof that our work on Paws Down Little Monsters is a success. Thank you all for proving that we are famous among the Lady Gaga fan base. Thank you for for showing us how annoyed you all are. And please, keep visiting our pages. Because that’s how we know we have won: once you get paws-down’d, you will always come back for more. Once you know about us, you will always come back to check what we are saying about your failed idol.

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Jul 16 '14

1) “Madonna is over, but…”
It seems like little monsters have a hard time with numbers and facts. And we haven’t even started talking about tours…

2) Lady Gaga’s decline is undeniable. Her career has been a gradual decline into oblivion. The opposite of Madonna’s progressively increasing success.

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Jul 14 '14




Lady Gaga is flopping way harder than her own floppy, saggy breasts.

Following her performances in music festivals in Canada, the singer is back at her far from sell out shows in North America.

Case in point: when it isn’t a music festival, Gaga’s shows seem to be pretty EMPTY!  

Let’s take a look at her show in TORONTO:


If you think this picture might not give you a clear idea of how EMPTY Lady Gaga’s concert was in Toronto, check out this video:

As we explained before, people couldn’t care less about Lady Gaga in Canada:

Her latest album didn’t even go #1 there. It wasn’t even #2! Gaga never drew big crowds to her concerts in Canada, not even when she was at her peak (back in 2009). Imagine now!

The problem with mother monster isn’t only in Canada. Right below the US-Canada border lies a town called Chicago. And how was Lady Gaga’s concert there?




Yup! No wonder this “lady” needed to lie about having 90,000 people in her #artraveQuebec the other day (read here).




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Jul 6 '14



Amidst embarrassing numbers that show an alarming decline in the public’s interest (Gaga’s current tour has been attracting a smaller attendance than the previous one), what is left for Lady Gaga to do?

LIE about her shows!

What was the last lie she told the public and her gullible, naive (not to say “stupid”) fans?

She’s celebrating 90,000 people at "her" concert in Quebec:


"#artraveQuebec," she said under a picture of a massive crowd she swore turned up to see her show.

The problem is:

This wasn’t HER concert, THIS WAS A MUSIC FESTIVAL in which Lady Gaga was just ONE of SEVERAL ARTISTS who took the stage at the Plains of Abraham in Quebec.

This is the FESTIVAL D’ÉTÉ DE QUÉBEC, it’s a Summer Festival, and here’s their official page showing Gaga’s concert at the festival (the same one she’s celebrating as “her own” show):


If that’s not EMBARRASSING enough, Lady Gaga goes even lower:

That picture she used on her official Instagram isn’t even of her show! It’s of a 2011 METALLICA show!

Gaga is not only desperate, but she’s demented and sick!

Check out the pictures below and compare the two images: the Metallica show and what Lady Gaga says it’s hers:



Embarrassing, ain’t it?

Lady Gaga simply added some effects to a picture of a 2011 Metallica concert and said it was hers, celebrating all “her” fans that showed up.

Here, compare them again, in case you’re still in denial (this goes for her little monsters):


You can find the original Metallica photos on your own, just google "Metallica Quebec" to find them for yourselves.

As for Lady Gaga, she keeps digging a deeper hole for herself. She wasn’t too happy about being called out on her lies:


This girl is so pathetic, instead of owing up to it and admitiing she lied, she acts as if she’s being the victim here, and the abusers? Madonna fans.

Lady Gaga’s head is so far up her own ass, she can’t stand being told the truth:

Those people in the crowd were there for a MUSIC FESTIVAL, NOT for a Lady Gaga show!


Friday, July 4th, the day Lady Gaga celebrated an audience of 90,000 people, she shared the Bell Stage with TWO other artists: Marco G and Tegan and Sara.

And here, we are showing the Bell Stage alone! But there were OTHER STAGES in the same day, with other artists performing at the Plains of Abraham. And still, Lady Gaga is the only one going around saying these people were there for the “#artraceQuebec.” 

Besides, who’d believe 90,000 people showed up for a Lady Gaga concert in Canada? She’s not even big there! ARTFLOP didn’t even go #1 there. Not even #2! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Madonna fan or not, the truth is out there, and Lady Gaga is a liar

Needless to say, Queen of Pop Madonna played at the same venue with her MDNA Tour. The difference between Gaga’s and Madonna’s concerts at the Plains of Abraham in Quebec?


MADONNA had thousands and thousands of people there to see HER SHOW, she wasn’t a part of a festival. She carried it all on her own, unlike Lady Gaga, who’s just part of a big music festival with several other artists.


No wonder Lady Gaga’s so bitter towards Madonna. She can’t beat her even when she tries hard. 

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Jul 2 '14




The Queen of Pop published last night on Instagram a picture of a music sheet titled “Messiah.” Her following comments and hashtags were: “Coming soon,” #promise, #keep #sorceress #deep.

A few minutes later, ignoring our minor heart attack, the Queen of Pop published a video in which a full orchestra plays “Messiah” in a recording studio. It sounds incredible!

The title, the hashtags, the orchestra… I’m getting the chills! It’s like “Frozen,” “The Power of Goodbye,” and “Time Stood Still" all over again. I love it!

What about you? Are you all excited about Madonna’s new material?

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Jun 24 '14




We understand the uncontrollable laughter that Lady Gaga’s looks can cause in a human being. But now, even her tour official numbers - and the claims that it’s been “sold out” - are a laughing matter!


Because the evidence of her decline is numeric. It’s a fact. It’s not an opinion. And she’s only been around for about six years.

At the same stage of her career, Madonna was having several #1 hits, several of them became classic pop tunes, and her tours were increasing in number and size. Needless to say, at this stage, Lady Gaga is going the opposite way.

I don’t even need to compare Gaga’s tour numbers to Madonna’s to show how inferior the Madonna-wannabe is. We can compare Gaga’s current tour numbers to her own past US tour dates to prove her decline.

Let alone selling only 258,000 copies of her latest album in the US (a steep decline from the previous album). Gaga’s decline is undeniable on the road as well:

Here is a side by side comparison between Gaga’s current tour and her last completed US tour (using 2008/2009 numbers):


Something is wrong with this current “sold out” tour. You see, Gaga’s been playing in the same cities, the venues have mostly been the same. The numbers are way different: either in attendance, or in revenue, and I don’t know what’s more embarrassing.

Sometimes, the discrepancy between the number of people in the audience go as high as around 2,000 people (compared to the previous tour). Sometimes, the number of people is virtually equal, but then, the current revenue is way below than before.

In other words: Lady Gaga is selling less albums, selling less singles, and selling less concert tickets, even though they’re cheaper than before.

[Scroll down for more]



When we say Madonna could not have used a better word to define the comparisons between her work and Lady Gaga’s (she said it was “Reductive”), we are not exaggerating.  Here’s another evidence of Gaga’s reductiveness:

On top: Madonna’s Instagram post of an original painting by Tamara de Lempicka that she owns. She bought it with her Like A Virgin money back in the 80s. At the bottom, Lady Gaga’s Instagram post of a Van Gogh postcard book.

Is anyone surprised Lady Gaga’s post (weeks after Madonna’s) is of a book of reproductions? Copies of the real deal?


And just because…

Thanks to Mallala Silva and Lady-Desperate for the contribution.

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Jun 19 '14




Official numbers for Lady Gaga’s tour are out and all they do is prove that the Madonna-wannabe is far from being the Queen of Pop:

You can sum up Lady Gaga’s artGRAVE artFLOP Ball’s first 14 shows and they barely surpass Madonna’s TWO shows at Yankee Stadium with the MDNA Tour.

It’s embarrassing! Why does she even try? Why do her fans even try to argue Madonna fans? I just don’t understand. Maybe they are all masochistic, who knows?

The embarassment is of enormous proportions. You see, if we travel back in time and get numbers from Madonna’s old tours, she still kicks Lady Gaga’s ass:

Take Madonna’s previous tour’s performances in NYC, for example. New York, Gaga’s home town. Madonna performed FOUR (4) shows at the Garden with the Sticky & Sweet Tour. Total amount of people there? 61,586. That means average 15,396.5 people per show. That’s more than 1,000 people (and a half) than Lady Gaga’s only show in her hometown. And it’s not like “we are living in the past,” because Madonna’s latest tour in NYC was even bigger (as seen above, at Yankee Stadium). As for Gaga, it gets even more embarrassing! 

Madonna’s concerts at the Garden were all with assigned floor seats, Lady Gaga’s (only show) was general admission. As we all know, assigned seats means less people in the crowd, since the chairs take more space, you need to delimit aisles between seats, group them in sections, etc. In other words: you lose a lot of space with assigned seats, the same area holds less people than general admission.

Still, Madonna’s S&S shows at the Garden averaged 15,396.5 people per show. Lady Gaga had only 14,326 there. “Sold out” they say. Except that that means Gaga had 1,070.5 less people than Madonna, in the same venue, with more space for the crowd in the general admission floor. 

Lady Gaga fans are so desperate for validation, that they are, now, using the past to argue (and worst: they are using wrong information):


For those who don’t know, in four albums (3 full records + one EP), Lady Gaga has published TWO songs written by herself (“Speechless” and “You and I”). Madonna’s first album alone came with FIVE songs completely written by the Queen of Pop.  There’s no comparison.


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Jun 16 '14




Madonna, Nina Hagen, The Psychic Twins… Lady Gaga’s list of victims keeps getting longer and longer. Her latest victim?

Russian performance artist Sasha Frolova, who has a project uniting art-performance and electronic music named “Aquaaerobika.”

According to Aquaaerobika's description, Frolova presents herself in the show in an "animated style image of silicone blonde, universal superwoman from the future with ultra-abilities. The plot of the show is endless computer game in which the main character travels through parallel worlds of future and talks about her feelings, dreams, love and hope of finding it all. Electro-pop, 8bit, disco-house and avant-garde sometimes quite abstract texts are mixed with a vivid spectacular performance based on images of postmodernism."

Sounds familiar?

Well, folks, that’s how unoriginal Lady Gaga is. Even Lady Gaga’s dancers’s outfits are a rip-off:


Stefani Germanotta’s pathetic fans are quick on the trigger of the lame excuses gun. They’re now saying “she’s inspired by raves.” 


"Of course she would wear rave inspired clothing."

Except that she’s NOT just wearing “rave inspired clothing.” She’s wearing AQUAAEROBIKA's rave inspired clothing. It's very specific. It’s very direct. It’s very obvious. And it’s undeniable.

Besides, what happened to the "I’m inspired by no one" statement that Gaga made about not taking visual inspirations from anyone?

Down the toilet - just like her career.

But the best part is when her fans insist she doesn’t copy, or get inspired by anyone:

"lady gaga designs her own clothes and then gets somebody to make them for her, this is haute couture it means its a one off, theres not a replica and its not available to any1 else" (sic). yeah, we can see that.

The funniest part of it all is that Aquaaerobika's performances are way better and less amateurish than Gaga's (and she's the one who's had years of practice in front of huge crowds):

Note: Aquaaerobika’s project reminds me of performance artist Pandemonia, which we mentioned back in March 16, 2012 (click here).


That WTF moment that only Lady Gaga delivers:

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