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Jul 27 '12

Madonna: Live at Paris Olympia

You can say whatever you want about Madonna, but she has become the biggest Pop Culture icon in history. And that has a lot to do with her detractors (one doesn’t become such an important cultural icon with a bunch of yes-men around).

Last night, during her “intimate” and “exclusive” “one night only” performance at the Olympia, in Paris, whatever her detractors were looking to accomplish, they ended up demonstrating how relevant Madonna is as a cultural icon

The reassurance of Madonna’s status as the most important pop icon in the world started even before she stepped on stage last night in Paris. 

On the YouTube page her show was broadcast last night, thousands of people clicked on the “dislike” button even before the show began. Yeah, that’s right. Even before Madonna went on stage, thousands of anti-Madonna people took the time to log on to YouTube (increasing the number of people viewing the event) to simply to “dislike” a show that hadn’t even started. And that is the greatest proof of her relevance:

At this day and age, people are so preoccupied with Madonna, that they feel the need to express their distaste/dislike for whatever she is doing, even BEFORE she does anything.

That’s how powerful that woman, as a CULTURAL ICON, is: thousands of people disliked her show on YouTube before it even started, thousands of people took a few minutes of their day to pre-judge something they had no idea what was about. The only thing those people were aware of was their preconceived notion about Madonna - and that is what a true ICON is all about. But that’s not all.

Last night’s event reinforced Madonna’s status as the biggest cultural icon not just because of the thousands of pre-concert disapproving viewers on YouTube. What happened inside the venue is what truly shows how powerful and relevant Madonna is:

A number of concert attendees booed Madonna after they realized the performance was over, and that she wouldn’t be coming back on stage after those nine songs. They booed, they threw bottles at the stage and at the event’s crew (at that time, they were already taking down her light and sound equipment).

The media, as usual, is loving it. Headlines go from “Madonna gets booed-off stage in Paris" to "Madonna starts riots”. The funniest part of it all is that, however the press twists last night’s events, they fail to mention that by the time the crowd started booing Madonna, she was already halfway through her hotel in Paris. 

The truth of the matter is that there was indeed a group of people attending the show looking for trouble. Whether the show was 50-minute long, or she sang two songs (or nine, or 20), they were there to do something “insulting”:

As many photographers captured with their cameras, a group of people in the audience held signs that called Madonna “SALOPE" ("slut" in French), or said things like "Addicted to our $$$" or "Madonna Moi Non Plus" DURING Madonna’s performance

That is NOT a spontaneous reaction - that is a premeditated, well-planned behavior. So was the booing at the end of her show.

But of course, you don’t see the mainstream media talking about that. They just want you to think that Madonna did something to piss all her die-hard fans in Paris that night without mentioning all the facts.  

But at the end, it doesn’t really matter who those people were, and what they wanted. Were they little monsters? Were they Marine Le Pen's partisans? Who cares?

All that matters is that they made Madonna’s status as a CULTURAL FORCE even bigger

You see,  protests happen around/about icons that share a meaningful relation with the issue being dealt with. For instance, protests regarding the Economy happen in front of economic icons (such as Wall Street); Gay Marriage protests happen in front of iconic places where decisions regarding the issue are made: in front of a Church, or Capitol Hill, for example. 

Now, Madonna’s concert is the place where people go to protest against whatever she stands for, whether politically, socially or as a cultural icon. 

Extreme Right French people did not like Madonna’s opinion on Xenophobic Marine Le Pen? Lady Gaga fans don’t like the fact that Madonna is (and will always be) the biggest popstar in the world? It doesn’t matter who they were, all we know is that they made a very public statement during Madonna’s concert (in the venue and on YouTube).

At the end of the day, those people simply made a Madonna concert the place to protest whatever position they were discontent with, making Madonna a bigger cultural icon than before.

So yeah! Thank you Madonna detractors for reinforcing her status as the biggest Pop Culture icon of all time. 

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