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Aug 14 '12

Critical thinking: FLOP THIS WAY BALL

Today Lady Garbage will play in a sports hall in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The show was officially scheduled to happen in the same stadium Madonna played for 54,000 people not too long ago.

But something happened, and Lady Garbage was “forced” to change venues, now performing at a sports hall that will accommodate between 15,000 and 17,000 people (depending on her stage).

But do you think Lady Gaga, or the mainstream media reports that her show had been transferred from a stadium to a sports hall due to low ticket sales?

Of course not. 

The excuses are all over the place, with people defending Lady Gaga and excusing the change of venues due to a soccer match that was scheduled after Gaga’s concert.

But no matter what excuses they give, there is one important thing you should all FOCUS ON when you make comments on websites that are not reporting the truth:

Gaga sold so little, so FEW tickets for the stadium, that the promoters had no problem in changing venues and accommodating the ticket holders in a sports hall that will fit about 15,000 people.

That’s where the focus should be on.

No matter what reason or excuse they give, the important FACT is that they sold only enough tickets that they are able to accommodate everybody who bought them in a 15,000 people sports hall, instead of a 55,000 people stadium.

The logic is:

If they had sold more tickets than the sports arena can accommodate, they would refund tickets and put new ones for sale again, for the new venue. But no. They don’t have to do so because the small amount of tickets they sold for the stadium show is so little, that they could change venues and still accommodate everyone in a small arena. So they will accept the same tickets in the arena.

Most important of all: there are still tickets available on the primary seller (check her website).

Meaning: Gaga sold less than 15,000 tickets for the show that was originally scheduled to a 55,000 people stadium.

Don’t let the mainstream media, or little morons, or Lady Garbage’s team fool you. Make the right comments, focusing on the real problem: she didn’t sell enough tickets.

I talked about this before, you can check it here.

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