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Paws Down Lil' Monsters

The worst and the best of pop in one place.
Aug 28 '12



I haven’t published a MUSIC LESSON post in a long time. This one is special because of an insisting little moron.

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I love it how those stupid, moronic little monsters cunts are always desperate to find something negative to say about Madonna.  

Instead of listening to her music in order to understand and enjoy good quality in Pop Music, they listen to it trying to find flaws. Which is the opposite of what happens to people who unfortunately find themselves listening (or seeing) Lady Garbage’s work - the flaws, the plagiarism, the unoriginality come flying to our ears and eyes.

Anyway, the funny question is: what kind of flaws can a little moron (with its delusional mind) find in Madonna’s work?

In reality, none.

But in their minds, they think they have found something.

There is a little moron bothering people, saying Madonna’s SOME GIRLS is a copy of Lady Garbage’s I LIKE IT ROUGH. [Really. You read that correctly].

So here’s a video comparing the two songs: 

But wait!


You might be surprised by the verdict: 

Madonna’s SOME GIRLS Vs. Lady Garbage’s I LIKE IT ROUGH: 

MUSICALLY: both songs are completely different. They are built on different chord progressions, different music structures. They are nothing alike.

This is a FACT, not an opinion.

MELODICALLY: they are also completely different. Those two songs do not share any melodic similarity. Also, note that the melodies in which their verses and choruses are sung are completely different. In Fact, the verses in Madonna’s SOME GIRLS are not even sung, they are spoken.

This is a FACT, not an opinion.

LYRICALLY: SOME GIRLS do not share any sumilarity with I LIKE IT ROUGH. The two songs contain different lyrics revolving completetly different themes.

This is a FACT, not an opinion.

On the other hand, Lady Garbage’s I LIKE IT ROUGH sounds awfully like Depeche Mode’s STRAGELOVE:

MUSICALLY: The core music structure of Lady garbage’s I LIKE IT ROUGH (its music lead) is a blatant rip-off of Depeche Mode’s STRANGELOVE.

This is a FACT, not an opinion.

In fact, Lady Gaga is so UNORIGINAL and her CREATIVITY IS SO LIMITED, that she used the same music lead, altered a tiny little piece of it, and used it again on another song of hers, in the following album, on the song DANCE IN THE DARK, which comes with a rapping-bridge uncannily similar to Madonna’s VOGUE.

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