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Sep 13 '12

The Guggenheim Loses Credibility

Once upon a time, there was this ugly popstar whose delusions of grandeur turned her already-ugly figure into an absolute, unoriginal, shameless copycat. And as the most unoriginal and blatant con-artist in modern day, she managed to fool everyone, including curators of museums.

And that is the story of Lady Gaga in a few words.

On September 13th, 2012, Lady Gaga Gaga performed “Sleeping with Gaga" at the Guggenheim. “Sleeping with Gaga” was a performance art piece. What was it about?

"Lady Gaga sleeps for almost an hour, making reference to Sleeping Beauty and Andy Warhol" says her ignorant minions on Haus of Gaga. The problem is: 

This very same performance was performed by Canadian-Ukranian artist named Taras Polataiko at an art installation called “Sleeping Beauty”, at the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

Just check this news report from August 2012 here and here, or you can Google his name yourselves: “Taras Polataiko Sleeping Beauty”.

And, yeah, there are videos that proof Lady Gaga is, once again, copying someone else’s creation as well:

Please, do not let this go by unnoticed.

Spread the content of this post all over the web, and most importantly, e-mail the Guggenheim museum and express your disgust for allowing this to happen. They’re e-mail is: 

The Guggenheim just endorsed an artist who copied the performance piece of another artist in their space.

That is the same as knowingly displaying a fake Warhol, or a fake painting in their space. Considering that they just allowed an “artist” copy the art installation of another there, I bet it’s safe to assume the “Picasso Black and White” that opens on October 5th will also consist of copies of his work, right?

Will the New York Times talk about it? Will any major mainstream member of the press point out that the Guggenheim allowed an “artist” blatantly copying the art installation of another artist?

This is utterly disgusting.  And it is unacceptable.

I will never put my feet inside the Guggenheim again. And I hope you guys too e-mail them and let them know that it is not acceptable to let people copy the artistic expression of others in their space.


Phone: 212 423 3840  E-mail: 

Check Lady Gaga’s “stage” installed inside the Guggenheim (it is shaped after her perfume bottle):

The ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE ARTIST Taras Polaitako was at the National Art Museum of Ukraine from August 22 until September 9, 2012


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