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Paws Down Lil' Monsters

The worst and the best of pop in one place.
Jan 22 '13

And the Queen of Twitter is…?




That’s right little monsters. Your eyes are not deceiving you. MADONNA is the REAL queen of twitter. 

According to Billboard (you’ve heard of it, right? That publication that records official numbers?),  Madonna is the most tweeted about subject in the MUSIC history of twitter. Check it out on here

During the Super Bowl 2012, Madonna received an astonishing 10,245 tweets per SECOND and averaged 8,000 TPS for five minutes.

Lets have a look at some of the top tweeted about subjects in 2012 according to twitter itself:

The first of the U.S. presidential debates produced 327,452 Tweets per minute at it’s peak. 

Taylor Swift’s performance at the 2012 MTV video music awards, generated 86,275 Tweets per 

On February 11, news broke that Whitney Houston passed away unexpectedly at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.. The news of her passing generated 73,662 Tweets per minute.


Maybe if Lady Gaga WAS the queen of twitter her tickets would be selling in North America. You see, t
he impact of twitter during Madonna’s halftime show saw millions of people sharing links with dates for her 2012 MDNA tour. Why can’t the self-titled queen of twitter with 33 million + followers use twitter to sell tickets? Why doesn’t it work for Lady Gaga?

Madonna who doesn’t even have a twitter account (much less 33 million followers), generated 10,245 tweets per 
second during her peak and averaged 8,000 Tweets per second for 5 minutes straight. Can you do the math little monsters? I can. 

Little monsters are so desperate for Lady Gaga to be the Queen of anything that they will believe anything she says to ease the pain in their butts. Lady Gaga - Queen of Twitter? Reality shows that, just like everything Lady Gaga does, Twitter is another massive FAIL.

Speaking of that, Twitter’s “follower” count will be updated shortly, and guess who now has more followers than Gaga?




Poor little monsters, they will spend hours this following weeks creating thousands and thousands of fake accounts (that will all be inactive soon after) to ensure Lady Gaga surpasses Justin Bieber’s number of followers.

No wonder why Lady Gaga’s offering psychological help (+ free tickets) to her fans while on tour on that Psycho Bus.

Madonna was also the most talked about female singer among all public figures on Facebook in 2012. In fact, Madonna is the only female singer included in the “Public Figures” category, coming at #6 alongside political figures like President Barack Obama, Republican nominee Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.



In other words, the number of followers (on Twitter), and the number of “likes” (on Facebook) did not mean anything to Lady Gaga, and above all, did not have any impact in social media (or in the real world, as Gaga’s tour’s number can prove).

Having more people fake and inactive accounts following and “liking” her page didn’t mean a thing, when, for a fact, Madonna was more talked about and mentioned in 2012 than Gaga on both, Twitter and Facebook.
Madonna must be like hey hey hey… 


Thanks Chris Tanasoff for the contribution.


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