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Jan 27 '13

No longer Queen…

YouTube slashes 176 million FAKE views from Lady Gaga’s VEVO channel

YouTube slashed 176 million views from Lady Gaga’s VEVO channel this week. The move comes exactly one month after the video-sharing site, owned by Google, stripped the cumulative view counts of channels belonging to Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony/BMG, and RCA Records by more than 2 billion views.


The purge, which came Monday, Jan. 21, is the lone negative outlier in a sea of positive view-accumulation days for the worldwide pop artist. Before YouTube slashed her total, Gaga’s VEVO channel on the video-sharing site had accumulated more than 500,000 views every day since at least Oct. 28, according to YouTube statistics analysts at VidStatsX. Since the purge, Gaga’s VEVO channel has accumulated slightly more than 3.2 million views - as the Daily Dot reported.


Of course, Lady Gaga was not the only one affected by this. But she is the solo artist whose real numbers are more discrepant than others. The sad thing is that you wouldn’t even know that - do you want to know why?

Because, as usual, the mainstream media (like the Huffington Post) purposely left Lady Gaga out of their article. They only name check people like Beyonce, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Justin Biber, Alicia Keys (and some others) - but they don’t even mention Lady Gaga and the 176 million fake views about to be removed from her VEVO channel

Does anyone still think I overstate when I say the mainstream media protects Shady Gaga? Is anyone surprised?


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