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Paws Down Lil' Monsters

The worst and the best of pop in one place.
Jul 31 '13


Get Ready for ARTSCAM

Lady Gaga announces her app-album will be free to download


Exactly! Mother monster doesn’t want your money. She wants you to download her app for free because she loves you, little monsters.

So does it mean she will make no money from this new album? Will Billboard consider those free downloads for the charts? How will SoundScan track the sales of music and music video for this album?

So many questions! Let’s go one by one:

Can Billboard track sales from her app? 

Can iTunes monitor the sales through her app? 

Can SoundScan track purchases done through her app? 

Here’s the catch:

The rumor is that the number of songs/albums purchased through Lady Gaga’s app will be REPORTED to Billboard and SoundScan.

REPORTED by Lady Gaga’s team at TechHAUS! 

Cute, right?

But wait! There’s more! Little monsters already have it all planned out:


"Don’t buy the album on iTunes" - that’s what they are saying all over the web. Why not?

Because if you buy the album on iTunes, it will be “only one album sold,” which they say it’s "unfair" to Lady Gaga

So what are they going to do?

"Download the app for free, then download each song separatedly." Why?

Because each song downloaded through the app will be reported as one album sold.

Never forget what Bill Verde (Editorial Director from Billboard) said:



If they were willing to work it out a CD+app bundle before, I have no doubt they will turn their blind eye to this, and believe any number of “sales” reported by Lady Gaga’s TechHAUS.

Welcome to the ARTSCAM era!

I just wonder if they will actually report how many free-apps will be downloaded on the first week. You see, it’s going to look rather strange, if on its first week, let’s say 400,000 free-apps are downloaded, but mysteriously over one million albums is sold.  
But I’m sure they have a plan to cover it up.

In the meantime, have a laught at little monster’s hardwork with their own promotion of FARTPOOP:



In all honesty, I am much more interested in Katy Perry's new single, rumored to be called “Rainbow”, allegedly coming out in August as well.

For starters, Katy Perry’s campaign to promote her new album, Prism, has been far more interesting than Lady Gaga’s desperate self-indulging and schizophrenic FARTPOOP announcement:



Whose new single will you be buying? Lady Gaga’s or Katy Perry’s?

Meanwhile, enjoy this 15-second snippet of Applause.

I’ve got to admit: the instrumental is GREAT! But her voice ruins it:


Bill Werde (editorial director of Billboard) heard of our post and tweeted us the following:


And he just did.


The funniest part of it is that little monsters did not get the dubiosity of this message and flat out said *I* was wrong. No wonder I call them little morons.

But hey, at least we can celebrate. Luigi and his monster family can start planning something else, as Werde explained:


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