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Sep 16 '12


…or should I say TITbits?

Lady Gaga flashed us her saggy stretch-marked tits again. So Madonna of her. Except that her tits are not as gorgeous as Madonna’s. Put them away, “Lady”.

Speaking of Madge, the one and only Queen of Pop dedicated her Golden Globe winning best original song “Masterpiece” to Lady Gaga in another sold out concert for the MDNA Tour, last night in Atlantic City (sold out, unlike this tour here).

She said: ”I love her. Imitation is the highest form of flattery." Then she added: "And one day, very soon, we’re gonna be on stage together, just you wait. Think I’m kidding?”.

We’ll see Madge… we’ll see. I hope you charge her for the private class on “how to own a stage” because the girl desperately needs it.

Still on the Queen of Pop:

It seems Madonna’s next single has been chosen, it will be “Superstar”.

Madonna, I love you, darling, but “Superstar”? What about “Love Spent”?

Johnnie Walker and Madonna’s longtime collaborator (Brazilian designer Giovanni Bianco) will hold a workshop at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS - Museu da Imagem e Som) in Sao Paulo with 30 designers. At the end, the museum’s curators and Giovanni Bianco will choose the designer who will create the artwork for “Superstar”. 


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