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Sep 13 '12

Nice, France, Nice!

Pun intended.

Lady Gaga, once again, was forced to change into a smaller venue due to serious lack of tickets sales. This time, in Nice, France (where Madonna played to a sold out crowd less than a month ago, on August 21st).

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Reductive High School Ball was scheduled to October 4th at the Charles Erhmann stadium (same place Madonna played in August). According to Live Nation, that show was moved into the Palais Nikaia.

The Charles Erhmann stadium has the capacity for 50,000 people. The Palais Nikaia, which has a 9,000 seat capacity.

To be fair, the Charles Erhmann stadium holds 50,000 in concerts if the stage structure is small or center-field located (like U2). Which is not the case here. Lady Gaga’s structure is rather big in stadiums (not the stage itself, but its old-fashioned light and sound support structure). So the capacity for her show would be around 40,000 people. But she didn’t even sell half that number of tickets.

That’s why they transferred her concert to a smaller venue (9,000 people per night) and made it two (9,000 X 2 = 18,000). 18,000 is less than half of 40,000.

Such a desperate way of avoiding the fact that her shows are not as successful as the one and only Queen of Pop. Now, if she manages to sell out 9,000 tickets, she will have “sold out” splashed on her touring report, and not -50% attendance as it should be.

Madonna and her MDNA Tour, whose stage is bigger and takes more space in the field (and on the back and side views), played to a sold out crowd on August 21, 2012. Check one thing:

There are no “empty spots” of people in her show in Nice:

Madonna in Nice, August 21, 2012

I wonder if Lady Gaga will be forced to change venues in Paris, as well. You know, she was already selling her tickets with a 70% discount for the Stade de France concert. I am not aware if this desperate attempt at selling out a stadium worked.

It surely did NOT work well in London. There, her tickets were being sold in the previous weeks  60% off:

But, hey! When it doesn’t work, what do they do? They lie! Remember her “sold out” nights in London?

Here’s a picture of Lady Gaga’s second “sold out” show at the Twickenham stadium:


In comparison, here’s a picture of Madonna’s second sold out night at the Yankee Stadium in New York City:

OBS: Before anyone says the Lady Gaga London concert picture was taken before the show started, here’s a video: 

On a side note: is that how her crowd reacts when she plays an “old hit”? The song that changed her “fucking life”? LOL. I’m cringing here.

You want to know how an entire stadium reacts when Madonna plays an old hit? A song that, I assume, changed her life? After all, “Holiday” was Madonna’s first classic:  

Source: Le Parisien

Thanks Jesus and Jose with the contribution.

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Aug 14 '12

Critical thinking: FLOP THIS WAY BALL

Today Lady Garbage will play in a sports hall in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The show was officially scheduled to happen in the same stadium Madonna played for 54,000 people not too long ago.

But something happened, and Lady Garbage was “forced” to change venues, now performing at a sports hall that will accommodate between 15,000 and 17,000 people (depending on her stage).

But do you think Lady Gaga, or the mainstream media reports that her show had been transferred from a stadium to a sports hall due to low ticket sales?

Of course not. 

The excuses are all over the place, with people defending Lady Gaga and excusing the change of venues due to a soccer match that was scheduled after Gaga’s concert.

But no matter what excuses they give, there is one important thing you should all FOCUS ON when you make comments on websites that are not reporting the truth:

Gaga sold so little, so FEW tickets for the stadium, that the promoters had no problem in changing venues and accommodating the ticket holders in a sports hall that will fit about 15,000 people.

That’s where the focus should be on.

No matter what reason or excuse they give, the important FACT is that they sold only enough tickets that they are able to accommodate everybody who bought them in a 15,000 people sports hall, instead of a 55,000 people stadium.

The logic is:

If they had sold more tickets than the sports arena can accommodate, they would refund tickets and put new ones for sale again, for the new venue. But no. They don’t have to do so because the small amount of tickets they sold for the stadium show is so little, that they could change venues and still accommodate everyone in a small arena. So they will accept the same tickets in the arena.

Most important of all: there are still tickets available on the primary seller (check her website).

Meaning: Gaga sold less than 15,000 tickets for the show that was originally scheduled to a 55,000 people stadium.

Don’t let the mainstream media, or little morons, or Lady Garbage’s team fool you. Make the right comments, focusing on the real problem: she didn’t sell enough tickets.

I talked about this before, you can check it here.

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Jul 17 '12


Lady Gaga’s “revolutionary” tour is on its way down.

Along with the other show changes she is planning right now, she should also change its name to FLOP This Way Ball.

Her next stop in Sofia, Bulgaria was originally planned to happen in the Vasil Levski National StadiumBut due to low ticket sales, Gaga’s concert was transferred to a hall.

As reported by Sofia news agency, Novinite, the  FLOP This Way Ball has just changed venues and will soon happen at Sofia’s Arena Armeets sport hall (Gaga’s website at the time I write this, still shows the old venue):

For those who still doubt that the media protects Lady Gaga, please read the report by Novinite: they do not mention that the change of venues is the result of poor tickets sales. 

I googled it and could not find a single major American website mentioning the change of venues because of her low ticket sales. The way they protect her is ridiculous.

When Madonna canceled one show in Zagreb because of logistics, the media spun it as if it were due to low tickets sales and published it everywhere. When Gaga changes her show because of extremely poor ticket sales, no one talks about it. What’s wrong with the press?

So what is the excuse Gaga and her fans will use?

The Born FLOP This Way Ball was schedule to happen at a stadium that can hold about 55,000 people in big concerts. It was suddenly changed to a [way] smaller arena that holds 15,000 people in big concerts. It’s about 40,000 people less. And the media chose not to report it. 

In other words: out of the 55,000 tickets that could have been sold for her stadium show, she sold less than 27%.

The tickets sold for the stadium show will be accepted in the arena show. But the arena only holds around 15,000 people in a show of that scale. If they changed the venues to a much smaller one accepting the tickets already sold, it means that the smaller venue can accommodate the ticket-holders.

And guess what? You can still buy tickets for the Sofia concert in the primary seller, which means, Lady Gaga sold less than 15,000 tickets in Sofia at this time.

For the record, Madonna performed in front of 54,000 people in the Vasil Levski National Stadium onAugust 29, 2009 with the Sticky and Sweet Tour. That’s the same stadium Lady Gaga canceled changed venues due to low tickets sales. 

Please send your e-mails to the Huffington Post, Examiner, Billboard, Rolling Stone, NME and MTV asking them why they haven’t reported that Lady Gaga changed venues in Sofia due to low tickets sales. And make sure you point that out everywhere this week: on Tumblr, Blogspot, FaceBook and Twitter.

Do not let the mainstream media cover up for Lady Gaga. Tell the truth!

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